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Positive test rate surges over 32%, 64 more deaths reported


The state of Wisconsin reported 64 COVID deaths on Friday, bringing the total to 315 over just the past four days. One previously reported deaths were removed from the data so the total death toll in the state went up by 63 to now 3,625. An additional 75 people have tested positive for COVID but died of other causes. The seven-day daily death average is now 52.6 and the 14-day average is 48.

Thirty counties reported at least one fatality. Race County reported the most with nine, followed by Waukesha County with eight and Rock County with seven.

Meanwhile the state reported 4,847 new coronavirus cases, on just over 15,000 tests, for a daily positive test rate of about 31.9 percent.

The seven-day positive rate for all people tested jumped from 31.7 percent to 32.7, and the positive rate for all tests is now 14.2. The number of active cases is now just over 63,000 — about 15.6 percent of the 404,555 total cases the state has confirmed to date.

The seven-day average of new cases per day increased to 3,948.

The number of people hospitalized dropped again to 1660, 94 lower than yesterday and 183 fewer than a week ago. Of those, 371 are in ICUs, five fewer than yesterday.

The table below shows new cases, new cases per 100,000 residents and new deaths for each county. Click on the header of any column to sort the data by that column.