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Progress Center for Black Women plans day trip this weekend

Sherman Phoenix will be one of the stops on this weekend's day trip to Milwaukee.

Sabrina Madison wanted to give Black women the opportunity to do what kids do: take a field trip.

She posted on Facebook asking Black women if they were interested in a day trip and received over 100 responses supporting the idea. As a result, the Progress Center for Black Women (PCFBW) founder is planning a day trip to Milwaukee this coming Saturday, July 31st

“Lots of us stayed home to protect ourselves and our families during the pandemic, including myself,” said Madison. “And when families started getting more comfortable with sending their kids to day camp, I started thinking ‘Where is the day camp for grown people? For Black women who just want to take a trip? We want to go to camp. We want to just go, take a trip, and have somebody work out all the details. We just show up, spend our money, and have fun. That’s where the idea came from.” 

Madison and her staff planned on taking a trip to Milwaukee before the pandemic, so they are picking up their plans where they left off. The trip Saturday includes visiting the Cream City Print Lounge, The Bronzeville Collective, Maranta Plant Shop and the Sherman Phoenix, all of which are Black-owned businesses. 

“Then we go to Maranta Plant Shop for the outdoor turn up,” said Madison. “You can get a plant and become a plant parent. If you are a plant parent, you can add more plant babies to the list. They will also have outdoor music, outdoor vending. It’s just a vibe.”

During the stop at Sherman Phoenix, they will be able to visit over forty businesses in the three-level building. They will also stop at Delicious Bites where they can purchase cookies and cupcakes by the dozen, cheesecake jars, and gourmet dipped strawberries. At Cream City Print Lounge, women will be able to print totes with the Progress Center’s logo and enjoy chicken and waffles for brunch. The staff has planned a day full of events and activities where Black women can just relax and enjoy themselves for the day. 
“To be honest, I really just want them to feel how I’m going to feel,” said Madison. “Which is the opportunity to just rest and have the opportunity to chill out with each other, swag surf on the bus. And just know we took care of the stops, all they have to do is just pull out their cards, shop and just chill. They don’t have to worry about parking and trying to get around the city, that sort of thing. We took care of that. So really at the end of the day, I want myself and I want Black women to walk away having felt just a bit more rested. And having experienced some joy they may not have had scheduled for themselves.”

They plan to leave from Madison at 8:30 am and will be returning by 5:30 pm. If you are interested in attending this trip, email hello@centerforblackwomen.org. For more information about the Progress Center for Black Women, visit: https://www.centerforblackwomen.org/