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Rep. Pocan Calls Out Rep. Duffy for Saying Madison is a “Communist Community” that “Does Not Believe in Democracy”

Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02) called out Rep. Sean Duffy (WI-07) for dismissing the city of Madison as a “Communist” community that does not believe in democracy or freedom during an exchange with Tucker Carlson on FOX News criticizing the recount in Wisconsin.

U.S. Congressman Mark Pocan
U.S. Congressman Mark Pocan

“I represent more than 700,000 people in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District. Madison, the heart of Dane County, is one of the leading economic drivers in our state and the county is responsible for 73 percent of the new jobs created in Wisconsin in the last decade,” Pocan said in a statement released today. “His insinuation that my constituents are somehow un-American for exercising their political views is extremely alarming. At a time when our country stands divided, Congressman Duffy’s ‘Trumpizing’ of Wisconsin is the wrong direction for our state.”

Duffy, in his interview with Carlson, called Madison a “progressive liberal communist community” and falsely alleged that Dane County was the only county hand-counting ballots in the recount in an effort to stall.

“The Wisconsin delegation has a reputation for cooperation and respect. For Rep. Duffy to try and drive divisions among Wisconsinites is unconscionable,” Pocan said. “On behalf of my constituents, I demand an apology from Rep. Duffy and hope the Wisconsin delegation will condemn his comments as they are far from the Wisconsin values we hold dear.”