Most of the Green Bay Packers stood with their arms linked for the National Anthem before today’s game against the Cincinatti Bengals, according to ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky.


Many speculated that Rodgers would take a knee, as more than 100 other players did, after he posted a photo of himself and several receivers kneeling during practice, along with the words “#unity #brotherhood#family#dedication #love“.

Three Packers, however — Lance Kendricks, Martellus Bennett, and Kevin King — sat on the bench.

The Bengals all stood, mostly with arms linked. Some placed their hands over their hearts.

More than 100 players took a knee during the early games, with the Pittsburgh Steelers staying in the locker room during the anthem. Another late game — Seattle versus Tennessee — had no players on the sideline during the anthem as both teams opted to stay in the locker room.

President Donald Trump sparked controversy by encouraging the NFL to fire players who knelt during the anthem. Sunday he tweeted approval of standing with arms linked but repeated his disapproval of kneeling, saying it would lead to “bad ratings.”