A team of volunteers is hosting a Livestream fundraiser on Saturday, with entertainment and celebrity guests, to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County and The River Food Pantry.

This hour-long event, titled “MadCity Night In,” will give people an opportunity to experience local entertainment from home. The night will feature a restaurant presentation, four comedic acts, as well as a performance from musician Kelsey Miles. The event will be hosted by NBC15 anchor Leigh Mills, with guest appearances from the CEO’s of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County and The River Food Pantry.

Last year, the same team of volunteers hosted a similar event in person but due to the pandemic and social distancing policies, they decided to move it online.

“Since people can’t go out in the town right now because of quarantine,” said Luke Briggs, a fitness coach and one of the volunteers, “we decided to create a night in the town that people can experience from the comfort of their own home.”

Throughout the event, the fundraiser will be open for donations. The proceeds will be split between the two organizations.

“A $25 dollar donation can feed a family of four for 10 days,” he said. “We have a goal to raise $10,000 which is not reached yet but we are confident with the support of the Boys and Girls Club, The River Food Pantry and our networks that we can make this happen and make a difference in the lives of at least 400 families in the area.”

Briggs and the other volunteers are working together as a group of Madison citizens who wanted to make a difference in their community, which is why they decided to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County, as well as The River Food Pantry.

“Those two organizations, in general, do a phenomenal job of supporting the members of our community and helping those in need so we couldn’t have picked two better organizations to help out with this event,” Briggs said.

The event will premiere at 7 p.m. on The River Food Pantry and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County’s Facebook pages. Visit the website for more information on the event.