State Sen. Lena Taylor, who has been accused of using offensive language in an argument with a Wells Fargo bank teller, held a press conference today with community supporters on Madison’s north side to talk about her removal from the Legislature’s powerful Joint Finance Committee calling it a “political lynching.”

“I feel that the way that this has been handled is not appropriate,” Taylor said. “I believe that the process does not follow the rules, that the process was not fair and that we should be concerned … especially as Democrats who stand for fairness and justice.”

Taylor has been at the center of a controversy recently over using a racial insult in addressing a teller at a Milwaukee bank. She currently faces a disorderly conduct citation after witnesses said she called a Wells Fargo bank teller a “good house (N-word)” while disputing the cashing of a check.

“I’m saddened at the rush to judgment… the racism that exists in this community, if I can be candid, in the media as well as MPD [Milwaukee Police Department],” Taylor said. “Even amidst the political lynching that one is attempting to do, I’m still Senator Taylor. I sill represent the 4th district. I still will be fighting for women. I still will be fighting for the people in my community. I will still be standing up against discrimination against minorities in this state.”

Written by Madison365 staff