Home Opinion The Latino Consortium for Action urges “Yes” votes on school referenda

The Latino Consortium for Action urges “Yes” votes on school referenda

Latino Consortium for Action

The Latino Consortium for Action (LCA) is urging the Madison community to come together to support the two Madison schools’ referenda on the Nov. 3 ballot. We represent families that make up the largest segment of students in our schools; student numbers that are predicted to grow exponentially – and we know the referenda address real needs.

It is well-publicized that Madison schools have struggled to address inequities of achievement for Black, Latinx, Native, and Southeast Asian students. It is urgent that operational changes addressing these inequities are not just maintained – they are expanded. Whether they are designed to provide mental health support to students, or implement a new evidence-based reading curriculum, we cannot risk taking steps backward instead of forward.

Covid has made this a difficult time to turn to the community for support. But just as we have come together to help one another over the past few months, we need the same commitment to collectively support our schools. We recognize that the referenda will have an impact on homeowners and renters alike. But we cannot continue to let our homes fall into disrepair. At some point, when the public health crisis is managed, we will need schools that can not only welcome students and staff back, but offer adequate facilities for teaching and learning. We have high schools that do not meet ADA compliance; buildings in need of energy efficiency upgrades; postponed repairs from years of reduced state support; and a neighborhood south of Rimrock Road that does not even have an elementary school closer than a long bus ride to a different part of the city. As a community-wide effort, we can make this better.

Details about the referenda can be found on the website of the non-profit Foundation for Madison Public Schools www.fmps.org and at the MMSD site www.madison.k12.wi.us. Each referendum addresses critical needs. Together, they create the opportunity to meet the needs of our current and incoming students. When you fill out your ballot, please vote yes for our students and our schools.

Oscar Mireles, Latino Education Council

Karen Menendez Coller, Centro Hispano of Dane County

Christian Albouras, Latino Chamber of Commerce

David Aguayo, Todos Con Biden

Silvinia Arata, City of Fitchburg

Shiva Bidar, Latino Health Council

Fernando Cano-Espino, Latino Health Council

Jessica Cavasos, Latino Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Salvador Carranza, Latino Education Council

Baltazar DeAnda, Orgullo Latinx, Latino Academy of Workforce Development

Veronica Figueroa Velez, UNIDOS

Julia Arata-Fratta, Alder, City of Fitchburg

Norma Gallegos Valles, Latino Professional Association

Brenda Gonzalez, Latino Health Council

Fabiola Hamdan, Latino Children and Families Network

Dr. Armando Ibarra, Voces de la Frontera

Juan Jose Lopez, LaSup Network

Sandy Morales Michaelis, Latino Professionals Association

Luis Montoto, La Movida Radio

Lupita Montoto, La Movida Radio

Gloria Reyes, Adelante

Nicole Sandoval, Latino Professional Association

Dr. Patricia Tellez-Giron, Latino Health Council

Teresa Tellez-Giron, Community Activist