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“The Remix:” Urban League Young Professionals virtual DJ Battle tonight will also be a voter registration rally


 The Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals will be hosting “The Remix”, a virtual DJ Battle that will incorporate information about the importance of voting, how to register/vote in Wisconsin. The event tonight via Zoom will also provide a safe and exciting way to hear some of Madison’s favorite local DJs.

“YP is always on the ground as far as these community issues and advocacy and voting is something that is really important to us. So we’re trying to do something with a creative spin to bring out an audience,”  Kurt Rose, president of the Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals, tells Madison365.

Kurt Rose, president of the Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals

“Basically what we’re doing is having a rally that will focus on voter awareness. Considering that Wisconsin is a battleground state, every vote is really important here,” Rose adds. “What we’re doing is creating programming to appeal to the younger crowd, specifically that fall in our demographic, folks between ages 18-40 and specifically in the African American community because we know that this is an area that has been hit or miss over the years.”

The four DJs – DJ Gemini Gilly, DJ Van ‘Go, DJ M. White, and DJ Lyriks – will battle for three rounds and each round will see one DJ eliminated. 

“The audience will vote and they will decide who the winner will be,” Rose says. “We will be crowning a DJ with a $500 cash prize and, of course, the bragging rights. It’s good for the DJs who have been lacking for gigs right now because everything has been closed down for the pandemic and people haven’t been going out as much. It helps keep them relevant and gives them some publicity as well.

The Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals (ULGMYP) chapter officially launched in 2012 with the purpose of supporting the Urban League movement through volunteerism, philanthropy and membership development. ULGMYP is a volunteer auxiliary of community leaders ages 21-40 who work to empower communities and change lives through the Urban League movement.

Throughout the year, ULGMYP hosts interesting events with stimulating guests that serve as a great chance to network with other young professionals and to learn from a community member with expertise in a certain area.

Tonight’s Virtual DJ Battle will be an fun and entertaining event, but there will also be plenty of information about voting, why it is important to vote, and the importance of this upcoming election.  

“This is one of the most intense elections that we have had,” Rose says. “It’s the most intense election of my lifetime – I’m 34. This one, in particular, is an election where there is a lot on the line, especially for the African American community.”

The event is free of charge. Attendees can register here. 

2020 has been a tumultuous year.  What we’re trying to do is to give a push and bring out that extra awareness while having a good time and learning more about voting,” Rose says. “We want to do something that will give people information about why they should be voting, where they can register and vote and all that information … but at the same time we want to give people something that is very entertaining and fun.