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Total coronavirus cases in Dane County pass 2000 as 123 new cases reported

Dane County hit another triple digit increase with 123 new cases reported. Today’s increase make’s the county’s total COVID cases to 2075 with over 40% of all cases in their 20s.

Once again, today’s new cases continue the trend of most new cases being discovered in younger people with over half – 70 of the new cases – aged in their 20s. The group between 20-29 is now 40.43 percent of all cases in Dane County.  Of the the rest, 5 is under the age of 10, 14 are aged 10-19, and 12 are in their 30s. There were also 11 new cases in their 40s, 9 in their 50s and 2 new cases in their 70s as well.

There was three additional hospitalizations today with 1 person in their 40s, one person in their 50s and another person in their 60s.

The percentage of active cases have also increased from yesterday. Yesterday, 53.23 percent were listed as recovered from all cases while 46.77 percent were active. Today, recovered cases make up 52.34 percent of all cases and 47.66 percent of all cases are now active. That means there are 989 current, active, contagious cases – which is up from yesterday’s 913 – confirmed in Dane County. We now have 1086 recovered cases.

Dane County reports no new fatalities today, leaving the death toll here at 32.

On Tuesday, Madison365 posted data regarding coronavirus spread in specific the neighborhoods and communities through June 26. Today’s data are not included, but will be included in an update next week.

Yesterday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County updated their current order with additional restrictions that included limiting outdoor gatherings to 25 or fewer, indoor gatherings to 10 or fewer, as well as limiting indoor dining capacity to 25% for restaurants – as defined by the order – and allowing bars – as defined by the order – to provide take (no indoor dining). Bars and restaurants can still have outdoor seating as long as it followed social distancing. The Tavern League of Wisconsin called the new order “unlawful.”

“Dane County tavern owners have had their businesses closed/restricted for over 100 days. These unlawful orders are causing irreparable financial harm to their small businesses, families and employees while other businesses continue to operate in the county,” Tavern League of Wisconsin president Chris Marsicano wrote in a statement.

Public Health of Madison and Dane County reports long waits for testing at Alliant Energy Center once again. Public Health officials are encouraging to seek testing with their primary care providers if they are able to rather than wait in the long lines.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.