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Update: Here’s where coronavirus is spreading in Dane County

Coronavirus cases in Dane County have been increasing rapidly over the past several weeks. This table details the increase in case counts in each neighborhood during that time. This is an update to the table we first published on June 30. The new table reflects the most recent two weeks, from June 19 to July 3.

The data comes from the state Department of Health Services map, which shows current case counts by census tract. The DHS map does not show historical data, however. We are able to provide comparisons between past and current case counts because we’ve been tracking cases in each neighborhood since early May.

Below you can see the per capita case rate — the number of infected people per 1,000 residents — for every census tract in Dane County as of June 19 and July 3, and the increase in cases during that two-week period. This includes all cases since the beginning of the pandemic, not just active cases. However, all new cases identified in the past two weeks are considered active. Further, any census tract with fewer than five identified cases is not included.

You can sort the data by clicking on the top of any column. You can also search the data — to find a neighborhood in Madison, search by the name of the main streets in that neighborhood. To find other municipalities, search by the name of the municipality (Fitchburg, Verona, Stoughton, Town of Westport, etc).

You can find your census tract by entering your address at https://censusreporter.org/locate.