Gov. Scott Walker said he is considering a run for a third term in Wisconsin.

The governor made the remarks in an interview with News 3 at the Executive Residence on Thursday.

Walker said he’s focused in 2016 on workforce development and job training initiatives, including dual enrollment programs in high schools and colleges.

“It’s really about worker preparedness, getting people ready for careers that are overwhelmingly open right now and pay well,” Walker said. “Part of it isn’t just government programs, but trying to change the perspective and the public’s view of some of these positions.”

As for the future, the governor said he’s taking a “long-term view” of reforms in the state, looking out 20 years rather than two or four. And he told News 3 he’s considering running for a third term in 2018 to make sure some of those things get accomplished.

“That’s absolutely something we’ll look at,” Walker said. “It won’t be a decision we’ll make for a year or so, but it’s certainly something as we look at the long term and listen to what people are saying, and say, ‘How much more do I want to do and do the people of this state want done?’ If I feel I can continue to add value to the people of this state to be around to see those plans through, absolutely.”

Walker won re-election as governor in 2014. He was a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2015, but dropped out of the race in September.