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William Langston Wins First Pro Bout, Eyes Big Future


William Langston is chomping at the bit. He is ready for his next competition, although he is not certain yet who it will be or when or even where. His rise has been fast and furious during his relatively short boxing career, and he has yet to be in the ring with someone who was his equal.

Langston is hoping to find an opponent for a bout in June and may travel down south to find a venue. Langston made quick work of his first professional opponent, Eric “the new creation” Plumeri in March. Langston scored a first round knockout against Plumeri and says that, while he was thrilled for the win, he wished it would have gone a little bit longer and been more competitive.

“The fight was so quick it didn’t even feel like I fought,” Langston told Madison365. “I was not touched. Not once. It was crazy!”

Langston started the fight off slowly throwing some jabs and keeping his distance. Plumeri wrapped him up when he tried to come in closer. But Langston followed with a barrage of combination punches that sent Plumeri into the ropes. Seeing that Plumeri was struggling, Langston decided to go in for the kill. He connected with a massive uppercut that sent Plumeri to the canvas, although Plumeri was able to beat the count.

“I hit him with an uppercut in the chin and when I hit him he melted like a stick of butter in a pan. It was over with,” Langston said. “But then he got back up and that’s the thing with boxing. You can hit someone hard and they get back up.”

Langston’s coaches implored him to remain calm and take a breath, which he did. Following a standing eight count, Langston lit into Plumeri with a series of punches including a devastating right hook that ended the fight.

“I wish it would have went a little longer but I guess that’s how it goes. If they hadn’t stopped it, it would have been a whole lot worse,” he said. “Just to feel how light the ten pound gloves were and my hands were moving so fast. You could hear my fist cutting through the air. My coaches want me to work more on my speed, but I’m a precise puncher. When it’s accurate, it’s a solid punch. I’m trying to bring out more speed because I want to give people a show.”

Who that show will be against and what promotion will have Langston’s services have yet to be determined. Langston had his first fight under the promotion King Certified but has decided not to continue his association with them.

“I’m no longer fighting under King Certified,” he told Madison365. “It’s a whole long story what happened with them and it kind of made me see what kinds of people you should be mindful of, because boxing is really a dirty game. But I don’t think that’s the case with everyone. I’m going to be going independent so wherever I go it’s just going to be me and my coaches. Wherever I go I’ll just be fighting as myself. I’m branding myself and that’s why I made my own logo and then I want to brand my own promotion.”

Langston loves the heat of competition and the buzz of the crowd for his fights. As he stated earlier, he is looking to both win and put on a show. The backstage, behind-the-scenes snakes are not for him, however.

Meanwhile, Langston is still deciding on a future path for himself to continue his meteoric rise. He could choose what he calls “the A-side” where he would face people who have a lot of experience but not necessarily good win-loss records. So the quality of his opponents, fight to fight, may vary.

On the B-side he would face people who have similar numbers of past fights as Langston. Right now he is 1-0 in the professional world and so if he chose that path he would face other people who have had a similar number of fights.

“B side is a little more dangerous but it’s easier to climb the ladder. I’m looking for my next opponent. It doesn’t really matter who it is,” he said.

Langston exudes confidence that whomever is put in front of him, he will be able to defeat. His goal is the become world champion in his weight class, which is 178 pounds.

“They got different titles and I want to have every belt in my weight class,” Langston told Madison365. “And I ain’t gonna stop until I get em’ all.”