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Wisconsin Hip-Hop Fest Will Take Over Majestic Theatre Tonight


“The Wisconsin Hip-Hop Festival is about celebrating hip-hop. We are going to have a great line-up at Majestic and it will be a chance for people to see some of the artists who are doing things around the community,” says Madison hip-hop artist Rob “Dz” Franklin. “I feel like this is a great opportunity because there are not a lot of opportunities in general, as far as the genre in town, so this is a good chance to see cats who are doing things.”

Rob Dz

Rob Dz will be the host of this Friday’s Wisconsin Hip-Hop Fest, an all-ages show at Majestic Theatre in downtown Madison that promises to showcase diverse musical artists and will be put on by Frank Productions Inc.

Wisconsin Hip-Hop Fest will feature hip-hop artists like Lucien Parker, Mic Kellogg, Bravo, Genesis Renji, Outside Voices, Eli B and Supa Friends.

“It’s pretty much artists who are well-established on the scene or who are on the verge of doing damage on the scene,” Rob Dz tells Madison365. “For example, Supa Friends and Eli are two of the younger acts that are playing. Me, personally, I expect big things out of both of them. Lucien has been in Madison and left Madison and has been doing his thing; so has Mic Kellogg. Outside Voices is superdope. This is going to be a great night.”

Mic Kellogg

This year, Wisconsin Fests will feature nine unique genres of music on six different nights at two different Madison music venues – The Majestic and High Noon Saloon. The Fests are dedicated to celebrating prolific artists that are all proud to call the state of Wisconsin home. 

Supa Friends

“It’s a weeklong festival over two weekends. The same night as this Hip Hop Festival, there will be a Punk Festival. The next night there’s a Jazz Festival. I believe that there are a Funk Festival and a Bluegrass Festival going on,” Franklin says.

The complete lists of Wisconsin Fests can be found here.

Dz has been one of the most passionate proponents of Hip-Hop in Madison over the last two decades.

“I feel like the Hip-Hop scene is still not recognized on a large venue level but I think you’re starting to see more Hip-Hop gaining traction in smaller pockets,” he says. “You’re seeing more smaller pop-up venues in Hip-Hop and that’s because we don’t have a lot of access to major venues, but at the same time, I feel like the quality of smaller shows is getting better and better. It can be better because it’s more intimate.”

Hip-Hop artists are nothing if not creative and resourceful and that’s what you need to be when the bigger venues are not booking you.

“If you do Hip-Hop in Madison, Wisconsin, you have to be resourceful,” Franklin laughs. 

“We are really looking forward to Friday’s event and we are hoping for a great turnout,” he adds. “I don’t think that people get enough quality entertainment and I feel like this is quality entertainment from the beginning to the end. It’s true-school Hip-Hop and it’s people who really believe in Hip-Hop and are not just glamorizing whatever. It’s artists who really appreciate the culture of Hip-Hop. That’s why I think this is going to be a really dope show to be at on Friday.”


Wisconsin Hip-Hop Fest is an all-ages show hosted by Rob Dz on Friday, Jan. 3, 8 p.m. at Majestic Theater in downtown Madison.



All Ages. Doors open one hour prior to show. All tickets are general admission. Please visit www.majesticmadison.com for more information. No bags, backpacks or messenger bags. Patrons and their belongings are subject to search upon entry.