A resolution banning Native American mascots was overwhelmingly rejected by a delegation of about 300 Wisconsin school board members Wednesday at the annual school boards convention in Milwaukee.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards rejected a resolution that would have banned Native American nicknames, mascots and logos. The final vote was 218 to 101. There are currently about 30 Wisconsin school districts still using Native American mascots and nicknames.

The push against Native American mascots started with Wausau School Board President Tricia Zunker, a member of Ho-Chunk Nation. Back in August, Wausau’s school board authored the resolution to end schools’ use of Native American mascots, symbols, images, logos and nicknames. The resolution said having a Native American mascot “undermines the ability of the Native American Tribal Nations to portray respectful and accurate images of their history, culture, government, sovereignty, customs and traditions.”