You must get in the groove and on the move. The food movement needs you. You have the power and the energy to do this. Every wonder if there was one cure for all the world’s ills? I am here to tell you there is food.

Every living thing on earth needs some sort of nutrient absorption or food to maintain and increase its vitality here on earth. For too long we have neglected this relationship. For at least the last 100 years or so, our relationship with food has been one overshadowed by other diversions of less relevance. Yes, I mean to say that food is a precursor to education disparities. Yes, I mean to say the food is a precursor to the inequalities of the race and gender. Yes, I mean to say that food is more relevant than the stock market or politics.

The good news is that when we remove all the distractions, the food issue is the simplest to solve. So let us get busy. First, demand to know what is in your food. For generations we trusted that the federal this and the federal and that they were using technology and innovation to protect and improve our health. At the same time, we have seen an escalation in poor health conditions in the modern world.

We need to develop a healthy eating strategy. Note: I did not say a healthy exercise strategy. While exercise is important, we can get to the later. Eat real food with every meal. Real food is filled with colors, water, and oxygen. For now, keep you other food — like products — if you choose but add real food to every meal. Read the labels. If you cannot pronounce it, do not eat it.

Share what you learn as you begin to implement this new strategy. Tell your friends, family and classmates about what you are learning. Tell them about the improved energy and other health improvements. (Hint: if you have skin issues or any sort skin ailments, healthy food will improve your complexion). The effects of medicine last and creams and pills mask. Together, we can create a world that we are all proud of in a healthy way.

It’s your power.