The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning musical Rent is commemorating 20 seasons of love with a 20th anniversary tour that’s stopping in Madison.

Two decades later and the show still rings relevant, capturing the essence of its beloved characters.

Kaleb Wells and Skylar Volpe perform fiery yet vulnerable portrayals of Rodger Davis and Mimi Marquez, while Lyndie Moe gives the audience a true Bohemian Maureen Johnson and Aaron Alcaraz displays a fun-loving, enthusiastic, and fabulous Angel Schunard.

Alana Cauthen, who plays several minor characters, provides powerhouse vocals during the show’s most notable song, Seasons of Love and Devinré Adams gives a soulful solo as Tom Collins singing a reprise if I’ll Cover You.

The show’s set captures both the rough and cold streets of Alphabet City and the intimate spaces within the apartment that brings the characters together.

The performance is an experience that calls for audience members to do everything from “moo” to cry.

Tickets are still on sale at the ranging from $30 to $99. RENT will also be offering a lottery for $25 tickets for every show starting two hours before curtain time. The show opened at Overture Center on Tuesday and will run until Jan 7.