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2023 YWCA Madison Racial Justice Summit


YWCA Madison’s Racial Justice Summit is one of the largest multiracial, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary annual gatherings of people committed to racial justice, collective healing and liberation in the United States. The 2023 Racial Justice Summit will be offered virtually on Oct. 3-4 and in person on Oct. 5.

Come experience national authors such as Ruha Benjamin, Clint Smith, Autumn Brown, Kimberly Brazwell and Susan Raffo, as well as a community of practitioners, educators, artists, facilitators, and community organizers who will offer a combination of inspiring virtual keynotes, conversations, small group in-person sessions and gatherings, moving art, pop-up market, music, a rooftop party and more.

The Summit is both a unique professional development opportunity for staff across organizations while also offering opportunities for multiracial and intergenerational dialogue and collective visioning across multiple justice movements: restorative justice, gender justice, healing justice,  immigration justice, disability justice, climate justice, economic justice,  organizational change for equity, and more.

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