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365 Amplified: What do the new maps mean?


The state legislature will look quite different after the November elections, thanks to new legislative district maps recently approved by the Assembly, Senate and Governor. State Representative Jimmy Anderson joins the show today to talk through how those maps came about and what they mean to you, the elections, and the future of the state. Plus, State Rep. Shelia Stubbs sits down with our editor in chief David Dahmer to talk about her proposed legislation to create a Task Force on Missing and Murdered African American Women and Girls. And in the midst of all that, some disturbing stories about driver education in Iowa and our weather predictions for spring.

NOTE: Wisconsin Vote and the state legislature website do not, in fact, make it easy to see your new district. However, Erik Paulson created a helpful website to do just that, with help from John D. Johnson of the Marquette Law School Lubar Center. If you click on a dot, it’ll show the current district in orange and the new one in blue. 


Here’s our story on the Stubbs proposal:


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