Deputy Inspector Janice Holmes

An African-American New York Police Department commander is facing backlash from other law enforcement officers after her police precinct’s account tweeted out the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter in a Tweet that lauded the accomplishments of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson for Black History Month.

According to the New York Daily News, Deputy Inspector Janice Holmes, who commands the NYPD’s 100th Precinct in New York’s Queens borough, is in hot water over a Tweet that appeared on the official Twitter feed of the 100th Precinct Friday that highlighted the contribution of color barrier-smashing black boxer Johnson.

The now-deleted NYPD 100th Precinct tweet (New York Daily News screenshot)

The page’s user profile is in the name of Deputy Inspector Janice Holmes, and a picture of her is precinct’s profile photo. The post quickly drew criticism, the Daily News reported.

“How can a precinct commander lead people when she aligns herself with a group that is known to hate law enforcement and wants police officers dead?” Daniel McCaughan wrote about Holmes.

“I’m a retired NYPD PO & embarrassed that a Commanding Officer would tweet with #Blacklivesmatter,” Mike Collins wrote. “This month is suppose to celebrate great accomplishments by black Americans, not celebrate a Hate group that wants to Kill Cops for doing their jobs.”

Police sources told the Daily News that Holmes denied writing the tweet, and had it changed later that same day.

The Tweet had changed later in the day replacing “#BlackLivesMatter” with “#BlackHistoryMonth.”

Many, however, were very sad that the original Tweet was changed:

Written by Madison365 staff