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Black Oxygen: Everett Mitchell & Rudy Bankston


In her book, Salvation: Black People and Love, bell hooks says, “Patriarchal thinking certainly does not encourage men to be self-loving. Instead it encourages them to believe that power is more important than love, particularly the power to dominate and control others.” On this week’s episode of Black Oxygen the Hon. Rev. Everett Mitchell and Rudy Bankston, Founder and President of I Am We Classics, discuss patriarchy, leadership, the need for a prophetic voice within the Black church, the role of white supremacy in white churches, and their own paths towards decolonization and reconstruction. This episode if full of tenderness, vulnerability, wisdom, random laughter and so much love. Make some time to listen to this episode – you may want to have a notebook and tissue near by – you’ll want to take notes and you may get all the feels.