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Black Oxygen: Keith Borden


What does it mean for a Black man to be seen instead of watched? What does yoga have to offer Black bodies? How are each of us a reflection of the divine? These are just some of the questions that Keith Borden discussed on this week’s episode of Black Oxygen. Keith Borden is a Black yogi, yoga teacher, ordained interfaith minster and musician based in Madison, WI. In this episode we discuss Keith’s journey to Madison after having lived in New York City and Oakland, CA, what brought him to yoga, and the importance of slowing down. In this episode, Keith energetically invites you towards stillness. I hope that you accept this invitation as a gift – for yourself. #BlackOxygenPodcast #BlackinWisconsin #DopeBlackPodcasts #2021 #BlackOxygenLove #LovingBlackness #AllAboutLove #BlackYogaTeachers For more information on Keith Borden, please visit his website: http://www.reunionyoga.com