MMSD Board of Education Vice President Ali Muldrow (right) and Treasurer Savion Castro

Dear Madison,

This November, we will have an opportunity to transform our nation, state, community and world for the betterment of our children. The existential threat to our national democracy is well-known and documented. Make no mistake, we have to vote to provide our children an example of moral leadership at the national level.

However, we also have direct transformational opportunities for Madison. The two MMSD referendum questions on your ballot can transform the learning environment and opportunities for students in Madison for generations to come. We cannot afford to linger in this moment. This is not the time to stand still. We must change the future now.

Your fall ballot includes two referendum questions that will shape the future of the Madison Metropolitan School District. We are voting yes on both questions to invest in the full potential of public education, and you should, too.

We are young Black people who want a better world for ourselves and each other, knowing it starts with education. We are voting yes on the MMSD Future Ready 2020 referenda to give our schools the operating funds they need to strategically invest in equity. We are voting yes to the newest elementary school in Madison being designed with, and for, the Rimrock neighborhood, which is made up predominantly of Black and Brown families. We are enthusiastically championing $70 million of investments in each of our four comprehensive high school buildings because we know how desperately this work is needed.

The COVID pandemic is not the first crisis our country has faced, nor will it be the last. Our community has overcome crises in the past with bold action and we will do the same in our time. The MMSD Future Ready facilities and operating referenda will result in countless jobs and opportunities for years to come, allowing recovery from the economic consequences of this pandemic while simultaneously strengthening our schools.

This is our chance for our community to live up to our progressive ideals and demonstrate our commitment to equity. Frankly, we’ve got a long way to go, and the only way we get there is together.  We need everyone to vote yes for Madison’s public schools—early, curbside, absentee or in-person—by November 3.

[The signatories of this letter, listed below, are expressing their personal support and do not represent their employer or any institution.]

Prenicia Clifton

Nari Rowe

Najjah Thompson

Sami Schalk

Rosa Thompson

Alex Thompson

Megan Berry

Davette Baker

Angela Russell

Keena Atkinson

Ethan Jackson

Maxine McKinney De Royston

Chris Walker

Ebrahim “Speedy” Amara

Marcus Robert Johnson

Matthew Braunginn

Maia Pearson

Willie Glenn III

Aavante Clay

Teeanna Brisco

Kanesha Freiberg

Will Green

Rob Dz

Brandi Grayson

Jaylen Plummer

Linda Vakunta

George Reistad

Patrice Hutchins

Kierre Greene

Joshua Wright

Nada Elmikashfi

Alexis Dean

April Kigeya

Hedi Lamar Rudd

Noah Anderson

Anthony Gray

Sabrina Madison

Adam Barr

Kenneth Cole

Chauncey Haste