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Community Accountability Forum


Community Accountability Forum will take place Tuesday, April 16, 6-9 p.m. at First Unitarian Society of Madison, 900 University Bay Dr.

Madison Public school families are invited to come for a question and answer session on the policy, training and practice that governs when and how Madison Metropolitan school staff may make physical contact with school children, the impact of such contact and how school children are issued Individualized Education Programs or IEPs.

Light refreshments will be provided. Working on childcare. If you need a ride please shoot Brandi Grayson a message.

Please submit your questions in advance in the comment section and please invite all parents and interested community members to attend.

Facilitators for the event will be Brandi Grayson and Matthew Braunginn.

Panelists will include:
◉ Dr. Angie Hicks
James C. Wright Middle School

◉ Jasmine Zapata
Pediatrician, MD, MPH

◉ M. Adams
Co- Executive Director,
Freedom Inc.

◉ Michael Jones
Special Ed.Teacher,
Blackhawk Middle School

◉ Brian Holmquist
Coordinator of Intensive Support and Critical Responses,

◉ Tray Turner
Educational Resource Officer,

◉ Jeff Spitzer Reznick
Civil Rights Attorney

Hosted by Urban Triage, First Unitarian Church, the Community Response Team and members of the Building Capacity to Protect Black Children Group


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