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Dane County adds 78 new cases, two deaths


Dane County confirmed 79 new coronavirus cases today, which brings the County’s total to 4,084. As of this morning, the total number of recovered was listed as 3,248 by Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s dashboard, with 840 cases still active, down from 896 yesterday.

Dane County also reported two fatalities, both people in their 80s, bringing the county’s total death toll to 37.

The highest concentration of new cases is in younger people, as 22 new cases are people in their 20s and 20 new cases are aged 10-19. Those in their 40s grew by 11 and those in their 30s grew by six. Additionally, three new cases are younger than 10, eight are in their 50s, five are in their 60s and three are in their 70s.

Total hospitalizations for COVID-19 grew by one to 278 today, however, current hospitalizations dropped from yesterday’s 27 to 24. Of those currently hospitalized, eight are currently in the ICU.

From today’s reported 78 new cases, 12 — or 16.44 percent of all new cases — are in people who identify as Hispanic or Latinx. They make up 15.26 percent of all COVID-19 related cases in the County while only making up six percent of the population. There were also 11 new cases, or 15 percent of all new cases, attributed to those who identify as Black. They now make up 12.69 percent of all cases while only making up six percent of the population in Dane County. Those who identify as Asian grew by three, or 4.1 percent of new cases, and those who identify as American Indian/Alaskan both grew by one, or 1.4 percent of all new cases. Asian people make up six percent of the population in Dane County and 3.82 percent of all cases while American Indian/Alaskan make up .5 percent of the population and now .75 percent of all cases.

The most updated data on positive test percentage for a day is for July 30, with the positive test percentage reported as 1.3 percent while July 29 is currently at 3.2 percent, July 28 at 2.7 percent, July 27 at 2.5 percent, and July 26 at 2.7 percent. Madison365 expects that these numbers will adjust as more negative and positive tests are attributed to those dates in the coming days . The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

Earlier this week, Madison365 updated our interactive Dane County Coronavirus Map with dates ranging from June 29 – July look 29. The map will be updated weekly.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.