“Disruptive” Protest Shuts Down Madison School Board Meeting, Delaying Vote on Budget

    Madison School Board Meeting

    Monday’s Madison School Board meeting was cut short after a “disruptive” protest, according to a board member.

    The item on the board’s agenda was to pass the school district’s operating budget for the current school year, board member Dean Loumos said.

    During the meeting, dozens of protesters gave testimony, chanted and at one point held up a banner that said “No Cops in School.” The protesters were advocating for the removal of educational resource officers from district high schools.

    Loumos said the board tried to restart the meeting after a short recess, but ultimately decided to end the meeting. The meeting ended around 7:30 p.m. Monday.

    “We didn’t think they were going to stop,” Loumos said.

    The board will be scheduling another meeting in the coming days as they are required to approve the budget by Nov. 1, according to Loumos.