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Martellus Bennett Unloads on “Racist a** Wisconsin”


Former NFL tight end Martellus Bennett, took to Twitter Monday night to hammer Wisconsin, and Green Bay in particular, as racist Monday night.

Responding to criticism over his brief stint as a Packer in 2017, which ended when the Packers waived him citing an undisclosed medical condition, Bennett tweeted, “You know I don’t care right. Lol. I’m super happy about never being welcomed to green bay again in my life. Or racist a** Wisconsin at all.”

This sparked a backlash from Packers fans and others. “When in doubt, race card out,” was one response. “Dude there are a lot of people in Wisconsin who looked up to you for all of the great work you do off the field. I don’t care that you weren’t a good fit in GB. Your lack of character is so much more disappointing than your lack of on-field success,” was another, from a Twitter user who later apologized.

A few more choice Bennett tweets:

“The only black people in green bay are the players on the team. You’re more likely to find a f****** Chupacabra than a negro there.”

“Gotta drive to Milwaukee to get your black card renewed every 3 weeks when in Green Bay.”

“Lord forbid you go to CVS to pick up a few toiletries in Milwaukee. Story have never been told if it weren’t a pro athlete. Think about how many untold stories like that that happened,” referring to police tazing Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown over a parking ticket.

Bennett had 24 receptions in seven games with the Packers in 2017. He retired after finishing the season with the Patriots.