Sarah Silverman's humor: so wrong it's right on.

Anyone who is easily offended or not a fan of satirical commentary should probably steer clear of the Sarah Silverman stand-up show at PrideFest this Friday.

Silverman is an adorable evil genius potty mouth with a ponytail and those of us who love her, really love her. Silverman will perform Friday, June 10, at the Miller Lite Mainstage at 9:30 p.m. along with comedians Dwayne Kennedy, Lizz Winstead and Todd Glass. The show is free with a paid admission to PrideFest or reserved seating is available for those who want guaranteed seats with VIP-level security.

Silverman, who grew up in New Hampshire, joined “Saturday Night Live” in 1993 as a writer and actor and has not stopped working since. She most recently starred in “I Smile Back,” which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and will be seen in two films, “The Book of Henry” and “The Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie,” later this year.

Silverman also voices (along with her sister, Laura Silverman) Ollie and Andy Pesto, on the Fox animated series, “Bob’s Burgers” and has a recurring role on the Showtime series “Masters of Sex.”

Additionally, Silverman is a part of JASH, a comedy collective on YouTube.

Many fans became Sarah-smitten with “The Sarah Silverman Program” which ran from 2007 to 2010 on Comedy Central and her comedy / concert film “Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic” in which she said, “I guarantee if you take a shower with your boyfriend, by the time you step out of that shower your breasts will be sparkling clean.”

It’s gonna be a great night, folks. Here’s an interview to fire you up.

OnMilwaukee: Were you always told you were funny growing up? When and how did you start doing stand up?
Sarah Silverman: Yes, actually. Was always the class clown. I was the toddler that my dad taught to swear so I became addicted at an early age to the rush of achieving a shocked, horrified reaction from people combined with a kind of approval-despite-themselves. It gave me a feeling of glee that made my arms itch. Still does.

Is there any topic that you would never make a joke about?
Anything is fair game if there’s a fresh angle to it. I don’t enjoy mean stuff. Which is different from hard or explicit, which I do enjoy. I go with what feels good in my gut and avoid anything that feels rotten inside. It’s a good guide for anyone. Our physical bodies tend to know the difference between right and wrong more than our brains.

I read once that you would not get married until everyone could get married. Are you now open to the concept?
I did say that and I meant it but I still don’t think I’m the marrying type. I love love and I’m monogamous and I love the idea of growing old with someone but by choice not because we’re bound by law. I don’t, for me, find it appealing to involve the government in my love. That said, I love going to weddings and I’ll be officiating a wedding for good friends in September.

What do you like to do with personal time?
I love to play basketball, sleep, watch TV and eat long meals at diners with comedian friends.

How do you “think up” jokes? Do they come to you naturally in life or do you sit down and write or both?
Both. I don’t know. I’ve been a comic much longer than I’ve not been a comic at this point. But the most writing and all the honing happens on stage.

You endorsed Bernie Sanders. Why do you think he would be good for the country?
Because he isn’t for sale. And because of that he is not beholden to billionaires and Wall Street and big banks, who give politicians giant sums of money in exchange for influence over policy to make the rich richer at the rest of the country’s expense. He doesn’t have the ego that keeps politicians from looking at what is working in other countries.

And he just wants people who may not have the same advantages as you and me, to have the same advantages as you and me. Surely we can all agree that’s what’s right. You can still be a rich assh*le. It’s just other people don’t have to feed their children cat food for you to do it. There is no other candidate who will protect our democracy more than this socialist Jew.

What can the Milwaukee audience expect from your show on Friday?
I don’t know. Stuff. Laughs. It’s a great show with great comics and me giving them all my love.

What comes to mind when you think about Milwaukee?
Fonzie, baby!