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FEED To Go gets $20,000 donation from Wisconsin Housing Ministries


FEED To Go has received a $20,000 donation from Wisconsin Housing Ministries that will allow the program to provide as many as 120 additional hot meals every day through community centers.

FEED To GO is a collaboration between FEED Kitchens, the Northside Planning Council, Selfless Ambition and the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to connect local chefs and restaurateurs with community centers to provide meals to those most in need through a number of community centers across Dane County. It has the additional benefit of helping local restaurants stay in business, organizers said.

The program launched Thursday, March 19 with 40 meals, and served 80 more on Friday and 160 on Monday, Northside Planning Council Executive Director Ahba Thakkar said.

She said this donation will allow the program to serve an additional 80-120 meals per day for six to eight weeks.

“We’re so grateful to the Housing Ministries of Wisconsin for their generosity,” Thakkar said. “It allows us to expand the meal service substantially and reach more residents in need.”

“I am so thankful for people stepping up so quickly to make sure our most vulnerable will have food across the county,” said Selfless Ambition CEO Henry Sanders. “When I spoke with (Wisconsin Housing Ministries CEO) Carmen (Porco) he immediately understood the need and decided to invest in FEED To Go. Hopefully will get more people to match his investment. So we can help more children, senior citizens, or those who are disabled for an extended time.”

“We really appreciate Carmen for stepping up and helping to really fuel the support of this initiative, especially in such early days,” said Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson. “We’re just thankful that he stepped up, and a lot of kids and families are going to benefit from his generosity.”

“In these very trying times all of us should do whatever we can to make sure that those in need both the poor and middle-class are not further traumatized by the lack of basic necessities such as food,” said Wisconsin Housing Ministries CEO Carmen Porco. “I call upon all those who are hoarding to think in terms of the neighbor and the common good of all. This is a true test of our common destiny. We, as a faith based organization, call on all the faithful to exercise the full integrity of the gospel, in that you have done it unto the least of these you do it unto all, including oneself. Let us stand with courage of our inner being which is a sacred trust. We call on all to contribute as we are doing with this match funding.”