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Rep. David Bowen tests positive for COVID-19

State Rep. David Bowen

State Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) tested positive for COVID-19 this weekend after running a fever late last week, he announced in a press release Monday. Rep. Bowen is currently in quarantine at home, and while he is still fighting symptoms, he is “in good spirits and recuperating,” according to the release.

“I found out early last week from the Shorewood Health Department that I had come in contact with a fellow local elected official who had tested positive for COVID-19, and immediately went into quarantine,” he said in a statement. “Later in the week, I began showing symptoms myself, and got tested for COVID-19. Unfortunately, that test came back positive this weekend. While it isn’t clear whether I was infected by this individual or someone else within our community, one thing is certain – it is imperative that this virus be taken seriously and that individuals minimize social interactions and stay home to prevent further spread of this virus and its immobilizing symptoms. Had I known of my status even earlier, I would have reduced my exposure to others who may potentially have gotten the virus from me. Even if you are young and typically healthy, it’s even more important that you heed the call to stay home, take care of your family, and not spread the virus to others who are vulnerable.”