Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an outspoken democratic socialist from New York, is one of the many women of color who is changing the electoral representation of the Democratic Party.

After winning Democratic primaries in record numbers earlier this year, women, people of color and first-time candidates are set to radically change the composition of Congress next year.

A new analysis from Politico found that women in the Democratic Party have clinched 180 House nominations this cycle and that at least 133 Democratic House nominees are people of color. In total, there are 158 first-time candidates.

“These grass-roots candidates came out of non-political, non-traditional networks, meaning that they’re running very different kinds of campaigns than we’ve ever seen,” Martha McKenna, a Democratic consultant who once led EMILY’s List, the pro-abortion rights group, told Politico. “When a state legislator runs for Congress, that’s a formula we know. But when a nurse or a mom or a young veteran decides to run, their campaign looks and feels different, and in 2018, there’s a lot of power in that. The way these new candidates will govern will also be different from what we’ve ever seen before.”

A record number of women – 200 – have won House nominations. More than three out of four of the female primary winners are Democrats, who historically have been more likely to run than Republican women.

Written by Madison365 staff


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