Governor-elect Tony Evers hosted a press conference this morning to announce several key cabinet official appointments.

Evers has chosen four prominent Milwaukee leaders to hold top-level Cabinet positions in his new administration including Joel Brennan as Department of Administration Secretary, Preston Cole as Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Kevin Carr as Department of Corrections Secretary and Sara Meaney as Department of Tourism Secretary.

“The Secretaries that I’m announcing today will bring some real talent to their agencies and to the state of Wisconsin,” Evers said. “I’m so proud to announce them today. They have a lot of different backgrounds and that is important.”

Brennan, chief executive officer for Discovery World, will serve as his top aide heading the Department of Administration. He previously served as campaign manager for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Cole, has been the commissioner of neighborhood services under Barrett and Carr has previously worked 30 years in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department before becoming a marshal in 2010. Meaney has been chief marketing and development officer at Milwaukee Film.

“We’re going to highlight for all to see that Wisconsin has a lot to offer. We have to have leaders that connect the dots,” Evers said. “I’m seeking talent, and I’m seeking people that can connect the dots and people that will work with the civil servants and others in their agencies to provide the best services possible. And to have a Cabinet that looks like the people of Wisconsin. We have a great start here.”

Immediately following the announcement, Governor-elect Evers visited with students and teachers who participate in mentoring sessions led by Big Brothers Big Sisters at MacDowell Montessori.