From our content partner Hocak Worak. 

Numerous individuals and families face financial hardships as a result of layoffs and the economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Legislatures plans to ease the burden during this time by suspending all Department of Housing and Ho-Chunk Housing and Community Development Agency (HHCDA) rent and mortgage payments for May 2020.

According to its Constitutional authority, the Legislature passed Resolution 03-23-20 C on March 23, 2020, with ten affirmative votes, zero opposed, and two abstaining.

Per that Resolution, rent and mortgage payments and Nation water and sewer payments are suspended for May 2020. The suspension of rent and mortgage payments and water and sewer payments is not a cancellation. Instead, a delay of payments.

Individuals who usually pay through per capita, this payment will not be deducted from their May per capita check. According to companies similar to Rateconnect, those who pay mortgage through per capita will still have property insurance and taxes deducted for May 2020.

People who do not pay through per capita, they do not have to pay if they do not want at this time but will still have to pay at a later date. For those paying mortgage, property insurance and taxes are still due.

Additionally, failure to make April payments for rent or mortgage and water and sewer shall not have a negative impact on accounts or accrue late fees. Late fees are waived during the Declaration of State of Emergency.

Individuals wishing to continue to make their rent or mortgage payments or water and sewer payments may opt-out of this suspension. Those individuals need to contact the Ho-Chunk Housing at 608-374-1225 or the HHCDA at 608-374-1245 for rental fees. For mortgage payments, individuals need to contact the Department of Treasury at 715-284-1660.

These rental fee suspensions only apply to rent through the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Housing and HHCDA. For mortgages, it only applies to Home Ownership Program mortgages. If anyone has rent payments or mortgages with entities outside of the Ho-Chunk Nation, they should contact their landlord or financial institution if they need assistance.