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Keep it Cool: MGE Offers Tips to Stay Safe in Heat Wave

Madison Gas and Electric has offered the following tips to stay safe over the next few days:
With temperatures pushing into the 90’s I want to share some tips to stay cool while managing your energy use. Please share with your networks and be sure to tag @Madison Gas & Electric on social media. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!
1) Safety is #1. During continued hot weather ensure your health and safety is being taken into consideration. Please use the link for more health related tips during hot weather: https://www.ready.gov/heat and https://www.cdc.gov/features/extremeheat/.
2) Avoid adding heat and humidity to your home. Cook outside, use the microwave more, run the dishwasher and dryer at night, take cooler shorter showers, ensure the bath fan is being run to remove excess humidity.
3) Keep the heat out. Close blinds, consider closing windows and doors on the side of the home where it is the hottest.
4) Cool the person, not the room. Ceiling fans in summer should be turning counterclockwise to push air down thus creating air movement over your skin which can create a feeling of the room being several degrees cooler. Fans work only when a person can feel the air move across their skin. Fans should only be operational when people are there to feel the effects.
5) If using fans only to cool (no AC): close blinds/shades on the side of your home facing the sun, place fans in windows of your home facing away from the sun to blow cooler air in, and switch in the middle part of the day.
6) If you have both high and low HVAC return: open the top return and close off the bottom return. This will pull the hotter air from higher up and return it back to the central AC to get cooled.
7) Ensure your furnace filter is clean. Less restriction on the blower motor will allow for better efficiency.
8) If you have a window unit AC: consider shading it, if you can do so safely. Consider installing in on the shady side of the home.

If you have further questions then feel free to contact our Home Energy Line at  (608) 252-7117 or 1-800-245-1125