Tears are the only thing can really describe what Betty Thomas has been through, after losing her home in Hurricane Harvey.

“It was taking too long. They took so long that my daughter said, ‘Come on mama, we got to get you out. I’m not going to let you drown,'” Thomas said.

Emergency responders told Thomas it would be days before they could get to her home in Port Arthur. Thomas spent one night sleeping on the top of a bunkbed with one of her daughters to try to stay dry.

“At first we were going to try to go through the roof, knock a hole in the roof to get out,” she said.

Thomas found herself stranded in her home waiting for help. At the same time, one of her other daughters, Sonya Jordan, and three kids ranging from 11 to 3 months old were in the same situation in their apartment.

“I was in the front room mopping the water and there was not much at the time. My baby hollered there is water coming in my room, there is water coming in the room, i said where and she said the floor. I said the floor. By the time I checked, water was in my whole house,” Johnson said.

Jordan and her mother both had to walk through water up to their chests before being rescued separately by boat.

“There is a God. I’ve always known that, but thank God right now, I  know he is there,” Thomas said.With no place to go, they found help from strangers when a group from the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County drove through flooding to bring them back to their family in Madison. Dan Hawk coordinated the rescue efforts with his brother, who lives in Houston. In total, the group brought six people back to Madison to stay with relatives.

“Everybody that you see up here is just an extension of what you get from Dane County. We are good ambassadors. This is what our community has created. A bunch of these people you see right here that didn’t know any of these people a week ago, but when somebody needs help, you need to go help them,” Hawk said.

“That’s the awesome part because we don’t know them, never seen them before in my life but they came,” Thomas said.