Border wall prototypes. (US Customs and Border Protection)

The Pentagon has released a list of military construction projects that could be cut in order to free up money to pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall along the Mexican border. A project at Truax Field in Madison is on that list.

The Pentagon has sent the 20-page list to Congress of projects that could be impacted by Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency and repurpose military construction funds to pay for his border wall with Mexico. According to the list, Truax Field is slated to receive $8 million to construct a small arms range in March 2020.

The list includes hundreds of projects around the United States and world totaling $12.9 billion.

So far, the Pentagon has provided minimal guidance as to which of the hundreds of projects listed would be cut or delayed to shifts funds to build the wall.

Trump recently signed the first veto of his presidency which rejected a measure that would reverse the national emergency he declared on the southern border. The House is scheduled to vote today on overriding Trump’s veto.