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Metcalfe brothers donate 10,000 masks through Boys and Girls Clubs


Tim and Kevin Metcalfe, owners of Metcalfe’s Markets, have donated 10,000 surgical masks to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County (BGCDC) for distribution to families who need protection from coronavirus.

BGCDC CEO Michael Johnson announced the donation in a Facebook post Monday evening.

The idea came from a meeting between Johnson and Tim Metcalfe, a frequent supporter of BGCDC.

“He walked into my office with no mask on,” Metcalfe said. “He’s my good friend. I said, ‘Where’s your mask?'”

Metcalfe said Johnson told him he had a mask but it wasn’t adequate, and that he and his family had been using t-shirts and the like in lieu of proper masks. Johnson went on to tell Metcalfe that homeless people and childcare workers have the same problem.

“I was shocked,” Metcalfe said. “Front line workers with limited protection.”

Johnson asked to buy a supply of masks from Metcalfe’s who had been providing them to Metcalfe’s employees, and Metcalfe called his brother and co-owner Kevin to see if there were any masks to spare. By the end of that conversation, 10,000 masks were on the way, courtesy of Metcalfe’s.

“(Johnson) then tried to hug me,” Metcalfe said. “I said, ‘No way, big fella, let’s get through this.'”

“BGC is so thankful for this gift and we look forward to getting these masks to our community partners as soon as possible,” Johnson said Tuesday. “Kudos to Kevin and Tim for listening, acting and supporting families in challenged circumstances.”

“The one thing I love about Michael is he always has his eye on what the community needs, and he’s not afraid to ask for help,” Metcalfs said. “We need people like that in our community, and I always trust him that what ever the need is he will get it into those that need it the most. Always proud to work with Michael and the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.”