Masood Akhtar is a columnist, an entrepreneur and adviser to the Muslim community, and has lived in Madison for more than 30 years. (Photo courtesy of Madison Magazine)

Israelis are celebrating the US Embassy move while Palestinians are dying. Before and during the embassy opening ceremony, over 40,000 Palestinians marched. The Israelis responded with live ammunition killing more than 58 Palestinians and injuring more than 2,700. No Israeli soldiers were killed or wounded.

Here is my message to the entire Muslim world. This bloodshed of Muslims will continue unless you wake up. And you need to wake up now – the time is running out. The Mideast is burning. Muslim lives no longer matter. You could be the next victim of this bloodshed strategy if not stopped.

You are wealthy nations and have been given all the resources you need to solve your own problems. If you continue to be dependent on the United States, there will be more bloodshed and not peace. Innocent lives will continue to be lost.

Take the leadership role to protect your own countries and the lives of 1.6 billion Muslims around the globe, and establish peace throughout the world. Work with non-Muslim countries and convince the United Nation (UN) to stop giving any veto power to any country so that major decisions can be made based on super-majority votes. This is critical because countries with veto power misuse their power to support a country of their liking despite opposition by more than 90 percent of UN countries. Lobby UN to develop a policy of circumstances when a country can be attacked. America has a tendency of invading countries, overthrowing leaders in exchange for oil and natural gas, and destabilizing the nation region.

Start providing education and thus build the future of your next generation. Uneducated and unemployed people, particularly youth experiencing social injustices and inequality, are prime targets for terrorist organization for recruitments.

I see terrorism everywhere but it’s called terrorism only when terror is carried out by a Muslim. Then it doesn’t even stop there. Its immediately associated with Islam and called “Islamic Terrorism.” You need to establish Think Tanks, Islamic Institutions, and media, including a social media campaign in the United States so that accurate information can be provided about Islam – a religion of peace.

You also need to understand how American political process works. In America, Jews not only learned how to survive but how to lead. According to the Pew Research Center, the Jewish population in America currently stands at only 2.2%, yet they have been very successful in all major fields, such as politics, media, novel laureates, banking, film industry, top positions at various institutions and administrations, and you name it. I believe they were able to achieve all of this because of their strategic thinking and unity on many fronts despite differences within their own community on certain key issues. No need to reinvent wheels, just follow the suit.

You have been commanded by Allah to do what is good and forbid what is wrong. Let me also remind you what the Quran says, “Allah will not change the condition of people until they change themselves.”

It’s time for you to change. Get united first, then act with one force to defeat the evil and become a role model for others. The ball is in your court.