What Should We Name After Obama? County Board Seeks Community Input

    Shelia Stubbs will be honored by the Links at the 8th annual Jazz Brunch Luncheon.

    The Dane County Board will seek community input regarding the proper way to pay tribute to President Barack Obama.

    South Madison Supervisor Sheila Stubbs will introduce a resolution at the Board’s regular meeting Thursday to create a public engagement process around the issue.

    Stubbs and others had earlier raised concerns about a proposal to rename the City-County Building after Obama since that building also houses the Dane County jail.

    “As someone who had some serious reservations about naming the CCB after President Obama, I’m glad we’re initiating a public engagement process to make sure we find an appropriate way to honor him,” Stubbs said in a statement.

    The Board will seek the public’s ideas and vision for the Obama naming using Polco, a Madison-based interactive web-based polling platform. Polco allows elected officials to post questions directly to citizens and receive insightful, reliable data to drive local policy decisions.

    Citizens can become active users at any time by visiting https://polco.us/  to create an account. Polco’s platform is available via web, mobile, email or any place citizens find Polco e-ballot’s online.

    Questions on the naming issue include whether citizens favor the idea to rename the City-County Building after Obama and which kinds of public facilities are best to be named after a president: a government building, a public park, school, street or highway, and so on.