Nominations open now for the biggest 365 Leadership Community Choice Awards Ever!


    Who, in your community, is really doing the work?

    For the fifth year, we will honor the leaders and change-makers among our communities of color at the 365 Leadership Summit presented by UW Credit Union, scheduled for November 6-7 at the Madison Concourse Hotel. The Community Choice Awards will be presented in a special ceremony on the evening of November 6.

    This year we’ll give more awards than ever! And it won’t be some committee choosing the nominees and the winners — it’ll be you, the community.

    Nominations are open from now until October 6. Finalists will be announced and final voting open shortly thereafter.

    Nominate people in your networks (or yourself!) at this link. Nomination requirements are listed on each form. Nominations are open in the following categories:

    ▪ Woman of Excellence
    ▪ Man of Excellence
    ▪ Rising Star – College
    ▪ Rising Star – High School
    ▪ Youth Athlete of the Year – High School
    ▪ Collegiate Athlete of the Year
    ▪ Neighborhood Champion of the Year
    ▪ Business Executive of the Year – Small Business
    ▪ Business Executive of the Year – Large Business
    ▪ Nonprofit Organization of the Year
    ▪ Nonprofit Leader of the Year
    ▪ Social Justice Leader of the Year
    ▪ Business Impact Award – Small Business
    ▪ Business Impact Award – Large Business
    ▪ Young Professional of the Year
    ▪ Neighborhood Champion of the Year
    ▪ Legacy of the Year
    ▪ Artist (Music) of the Year
    ▪ Band/Group of the Year
    ▪ Salon of the Year
    ▪ Barbershop of the Year
    ▪ Podcast of the Year
    ▪ Chamber of the Year
    ▪ Educator of the Year

    Winners will be announced at a special ceremony on the evening of November 6, during the 365 Leadership Summit. The sixth annual summit will feature 25 panel discussions on topics ranging from health disparities to education to social justice. Registration is open now.