Non-Black Allies in the Fight for Climate Justice: Voices from 350 Madison will take place Monday, June 7, 7-8:10 p.m.

Join 350 Madison and friends on Monday evening, June 7, to hear about our experience with the Nehemiah Center‘s Justified Anger class “Black History for a New Day” and the ways it will help us in our fight for climate justice.
Late last year, the Climate Justice Team leaders spoke with the Nehemiah/Justified Anger organization about our desire to learn from a black-led group about our next steps for climate justice. They recommended that we attend their nine-week class as a first step.
Twenty-two of us from 350 Madison came together virtually for nine weeks to listen, learn, and discuss the impact of slavery and racism on US history. We looked forward to the class every week and found that much of what we learned was new to us.
On June 7, 350 Madison will host a panel, bringing together course participants to discuss what it was like to attend as non-black allies. We’ll talk about what we learned and how it changed us. Following the panel, we’ll break into optional groups where you’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas and hear more from panelists.