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OWN IT: Building Black Wealth to host Black History Month viewing of ‘Our America: Lowballed’


In honor of Black History Month, OWN IT: Building Black Wealth and Madison College will host a free viewing of the critically acclaimed film “Our America: Lowballed” at the Madison College Goodman South Campus auditorium on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 5:30 p.m.

ABC Owned Television Stations produced Our America: Lowballed to highlight discriminatory practices that Black families face in appraisal and homeownership aiming to start a candid conversation about taking action locally. According to an ABC Owned Television Stations data analysis of more than 50 million home loans, refinance applications in predominantly Black neighborhoods are nearly five times more likely to be under-appraised than in white communities.

“Own It: Building Black Wealth”  was created to eliminate substantial barriers to wealth and homeownership for Black families in the greater Madison area. After the viewing of the 90-minute film, there will be a follow-up discussion led by OWN IT Director Myesha Thompson and Tiffany Malone, a real estate consultant and OWN IT co-creator.

“With this viewing, OWN IT invites reflection and conversation on the profound impact that decades of discrimination in home ownership has had on the Black community and how it has directly contributed to the significant wealth gap that exists between Black and white families to this day,” said Thompson in a press release announcing the film viewing party. “This event provides an opportunity for the local community to have a candid conversation about how this history is reflected locally, and how we can take action together to increase Black homeownership rates and ultimately Black wealth.”

The free event, which organizers says is for real estate professionals and community members, is also sponsored by Summit Credit Union, Associated Bank, and Alvarado Real Estate Group. The event will also include a reception with light refreshments and networking.

Registration is required to attend as seats are limited.