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PHMDC reports 71 new cases, 33.5 percent of those eligible received at least one vaccine shot in Dane County


After a delay in reporting from WI Department of Health Services, PHMDC reported a net increase of 71 COVID cases, bringing the county’s cumulative total to 41,639. Overall cases have decreased by 20.4 percent over the past two weeks, according to today’s dashboard update.

For the past seven days, the county has continued to average 7.8 cases per 100,000 residents per day. Active cases though remains at one percent, has grown numerically slightly from 601 to 615.

The total number of deaths from COVID-19 for Dane County has remains at 288 COVID-19 deaths for the county after six additional deaths were reported this past Saturday. One death was attributed to October of 2020, one added for December of 2020 and four of the deaths were attributed to March of 2021. As of Saturday, there are now a total of 12 deaths from COVID-19 in Dane County reported so far for this current month.

As of March 23, UW is averaging 5,784.0 tests a day for the past seven days for on-campus testing while cases are now averaging 5.9 cases. For the past seven days, cases have decreased for UW students and staff about 14.6 percent while testing on campus has decreased about 7.1 percent. The positivity rate for on campus testing for staff and students grew slightly today to 0.1 percent for the past seven days. As of yesterday’s update, 10,474 UW students and employees have received at least one dose (from both off and on campus vaccinations).

Dane County’s 14-day positive test rate as of March 21 has remained at 0.6 while the 7-day rate has also remained at 0.6. These rates do not include preliminary data from the past four days as that data continues to adjust as more tests are attributed.

According to their update today, a mistake inadvertently indicated that only 12 people were in the hospital for COVID-19 for 3/23. Instead, there were actually an additional 8 people for a total of 20.

Today, another 7 people were added to those hospitalized in Dane County with a total of 22. This includes those who live in and outside of Dane County. For Dane County residents, the number of people ever hospitalized for COVID-19 has grown to 1,295. Currently, the county’s lowest number of people ever to be hospitalized in area hospitals was reached yesterday with just 12 people currently hospitalized in area hospitals – including those who live in and outside of Dane County. Of those 12, with three of those are in the ICU.

More comprehensive data for vaccinations is updated every Wednesday and Friday per week, for Dane County by only core measures. Data break down by race, ethnicity and age except those older than 65 have been removed. The current data listed  is retrieved from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry for all adults and children within the state. The release and the information on the dashboard does warn that some of this information may be incorrect or incomplete as the data is not updated as soon as someone is vaccinated or double checked as consistently as other data gathered. Break down on further information about vaccinations from the county is derived from DHS COVID-19 Vaccine data page by Madison365.org.

As of this morning at least 183,149 people – or 33.5 percent of all Dane County residents – have received at least one dose while 19.7 percent or 107,557 — have completed both doses. Of those who have received at least one dose, 87.7 percent are 65 and older. Vaccination data is broken down between those who are 16 – 65+. No data for children is available as the vaccinations have not yet been approved for those under 15.

From all those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine, disparities amongst our communities of color continue. As of Wednesday, based on race, those who are Asian now make up 3.3 percent of the vaccinations while accounting for 7 percent of the Dane County population as those who are Black only make up 2.45 percent of the vaccinations while accounting for 6 percent of the population in Dane County. Those who are Native American/Alaskan Native are at .53 percent as they make up .5 percent of the population. When broken down by ethnicity, Hispanic/Latinx people in our county make up 7 percent of the population but only 2.78 percent of those who have received at least one shot of a vaccine.

Madison365 has updated our weekly map of COVID-19 cases in the county by census tract.

We will have an update later this afternoon for statewide numbers.