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Pratt, Westmoreland, Ball win Milwaukee alder primaries

Left: Andrea Platt and David Bowen. Center: Lamont Westmoreland and Annette Jackson. Right: Odell Ball and Laressa Taylor.

Here are the results for the primary elections for the City of Milwaukee’s unoccupied City Council seats.

District 1: Andrea Pratt led the way with 35.4 percent of the vote. David Bowen also came through the primary with 31 percent.

Pratt is the daughter of Milwaukee’s first Black mayor, Marvin Pratt. She has worked in a number of public sector roles over the past 25 years, including for Milwaukee Public Schools, the City Housing Authority and the Common Council.

Bowen represented Milwaukee in the State Assembly from 2015 until January of this year. He ran unsuccessfully in the 2022 Democratic primary for lieutenant governor.

District 5: Former banker and painting company owner Lamont Westmoremland dominated that seven-candidate field, earning 32.8 percent of the vote and more than doubling the vote count of the second-place finisher, business owner and longtime City employee Annette Jackson, who came in with just under 16 percent of the vote.

District 9: Educator, technology coordinator and former Marquette basketball player Odell Ball narrowly won an evenly divided primary with 23.7 percent of the vote. Laressa Taylor edged out Amber Danyus with 18.9 percent of the vote to Danyus’s 16.6 percent to move on to the general election.

The general election for all three Alder seats will take place April 4.