U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

I am many things, but I am not a sore loser. So, I have to congratulate you all on getting your guy elected.

You ignored all the polls, the moralizing from liberals about your racism, sexism and xenophobia, and the social climate of the world, and you did what almost everyone said you couldn’t. You won.

I love stories like that. Success in the face of certain failure stories. You know, the guy who comes to America with a dollar in his pocket, and amasses a fortune against all the odds.

The homeless guy that lives in his car one day, who goes on to create some of the most profitable movies in American cinematic history the next.

The baseball team that hasn’t won a World Series in over a century, and on the brink of elimination from the playoffs, that finds a way to win the World Series in glorious and dramatic fashion.

Those stories.

I love that you love Jesus Christ. I love that you tell the world that you believe that the holy scriptures are the infallible word of God. For when I read them and meditate over them, the scriptures, I get chills at their truth, wisdom and power.

And I love that you tell the world that those holy scriptures are the bedrock on which you stand – stand for truth, rugged individualism, for justice, for life, for family, and for the sanctity of marriage.

For ease of identification, you call yourselves “pro” all of these things. I adore you all because you stand for something. I especially love that you stand for all of these things, because as Gordon Eadie says best, when we stand for nothing, we fall for anything.

You all are the ones who stood up when “they” attempted to “take Christ out of Christmas.”

It was you all who stood when teachers insisted to teach students about sex education and evolution. And it was you all who has protested in the front of abortion clinics because, as you have said, “the most dangerous place in the world for an African-American child is in the womb.”

You’re “pro” all the right things.

I do not doubt that you believe that you are Pro all the right things. However, when you say that you are “Pro” something, this is what you actually mean:

When you say that your pro-life, you mean that you are supportive of the concept of protecting children from abortions, but you are not all that concerned about their lives once they’re born or as they develop into adults.

When you tell me that you are pro-family and for preserving the sanctity of marriage, you mean only marriages that look like yours.

And when you say that you are pro-moral absolutism, you mean that you support a set of absolute moral values all the time … on a case by case basis.

You see, I know this, because you have just gotten an individual elected to the office of president who contradicts everything you are “pro” about in every measurable way.

He has been haughty and proud. He has urged and provoked violence. He has used his privilege to mistreat and mock our culture’s most vulnerable.

He has mishandled the truth. And he has not stood with you on any issue you are pro like abortion, climate, entitlement programs, or immigration.

Yet, you still supported him. Fervently.

So, tell me again about all of the things you are “pro.”

Or better yet, don’t.