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Set aside some time Tuesday. And Thursday.

Brandi Grayson

We called Brandi Grayson “disrupter of the year” when we listed her among the most influential African Americans in Wisconsin. She’s a polarizing figure — she has a lot of supporters, and a lot of detractors. But not very many of either group really know very much about her as a person.

So it made sense to offer her the chance to introduce herself, properly, by answering 12 questions. That way, whether you or not you support her and her movement, at least you’ll form your opinions with more knowledge.

As we thought, she had a lot to say. So much, in fact, that next week we’ll publish our first-ever two-part 12 on Tuesday — Six questions and answers on Tuesday, and six more on Thursday.

Find out her advice for black police officers. Learn why she says, “People who have been in positions of power for decades and are not willing to admit that they got something wrong” or why she says President Obama “represents just how powerless we are as a Black Nation.”

Definitely set aside some time on Tuesday morning, and more on Thursday, to read this one.