“Stop the Violence” Picnics Aim to Bring People Together for Positivity

“Stop the Violence” Picnics Aim to Bring People Together for Positivity


Not many know about the event that occurs every Saturday at different parks around Madison. “Stop The Violence” is not a protest, it is not a march, it is an event meant to bring people together of all races, genders, and religions to enjoy time together. In the face of gun violence, black-on-black crime, gang-related “beef,” and tensions between the community and police, this is the time to forget about all of that and show that we are better – our city doesn’t have to be “that city.”

This idea started with four minds, Antoine McNeail, Jamal Jackson, Divine Wilson and Carl Mcclarn, and with some help from Rumont Tekay and Tammie Shannon along they way. McNeail says the are trying to change the way their city is portrayed, and to bring the joy, comfort and safety back to the community.


The event occurs at different parks every Saturday, “to show that no matter what community you are in you can feel safe,” McNeail says. The purpose of this event is to inform the community there are safe places to go and enjoy Madison and the people in it.

“There are not a lot of places we can go that does not separate us,” McNeail says. This event is meant to unite everyone, not exclude or separate in any way, and that is one of the reasons it is at different parks every week.

McNeail says despite all of the violence that occurs in our city and communities, people should be able to feel safe. Parents should also feel safe, and families should be able to enjoy themselves and come together with other people who also want to enjoy themselves.

McNeail hopes these events are a start to building that support, coming together with people who you may have never met, whom you see every day but say nothing to, and people who you may even have disagreed with in the past. He says this event is a start to a new beginning, a change in the right direction. He hopes to build and go beyond the regular annual events that people already attend such as Brat Fest, Juneteenth and Shake the Lake.


The “Stop the Violence” events feature door prizes for adults and children to win, a DJ, food, and love to spread for the community. It usually starts at 4 p.m. and ends around 9 p.m at the latest. Between those times it’s nothing but a good atmosphere and people walking around and talking to people that don’t really know, but the energy is amazing and it’s a good start to opening up to something bigger.

McNeial says the organizers started this whole operation out of their own pockets, and along the way, they have been able to get other people to contribute ideas, food, water, prizes and so on.

For anyone that wants to be apart of making this change, upcoming Stop the Violence picnics are scheduled for July 22 at Elvehjem Park and July 29 at Demetral Park. Organizers welcome any donations, including food, water, or even ideas for future events. These events will be going on for the rest of the summer and organizers hope to continue during the school year in an indoor facility. Anyone interested in donating or becoming involved can contact Antoine McNeail at 1motionoutreach@gmail.com.


Written by Trinity Jackson

Trinity Jackson

Trinity Jackson is a graduate of Madison West High school, pursuing her goals, furthering her education and playing basketball at Mount Mary University in the fall.


  1. Hi a reminder that the July 15th date is not on our calender dates. That day will only be a day for the organizers to meet privately. Also Rumont Tekay was part of the original planning. These events are a direct response against all types of violence in our communities. We join together in solidarity, promoting peace and unity. Stop The Violence Movement.

  2. Wow, good job peeps! I’m soooo proud that you are doing something POSITIVE in the community. The community need support and to release the pressure from the struggles they face( work, bills)etc. And, the fact that food wasn’t a problem and people could relax and let down their hair was just a blessing to see and to hear about. I hope to join this event and show my support…Keep going families/kids need encouragement in Madison!!!