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Study: Madison 10th Most-Racist City Based On Tweets

Study Analyzed 12 Million Tweets for Derogatory Language Against LGBT People, Blacks, Hispanics, and Women


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Top-10 U.S. city for anti-black tweets?

A new report says that Madison, Wisconsin — a city of dozens and dozens of accolades — just made a list that they should not be proud of.

Using data culled from Twitter by apartment-location startup Abodo, Madison has sent the 10th-most anti-black tweets in an 18-month span starting in June 2014. The study analyzed 12 million Tweets for derogatory language against LGBT people, blacks, Hispanics and women.

Buffalo, meanwhile, recorded the highest rate of anti-gay tweets, and the eighth-highest rate of anti-black tweets, which prompted a recent story about the rankings from The Buffalo News.

Overall, as U.S. states were concerned, Louisiana had the highest rate of derogatory tweets — 1 per 87 — followed by Nevada and Texas. However, West Virginia had the highest rate of racist tweets, with 83.2 per 100,000, more than double that of any other state.