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Boys & Girls Club will rename Taft St. location, honor prominent south-side community leaders today


The Taft Street Boys & Girls Club, located at 2001 Taft St. in South Madison, will be sustained for generations to come and undergo a name change after a generous $1.5 million gift from the Livesey Family who has long supported the organization. 

BGCDC will host a ribbon-cutting event on Thursday, Aug. 31, 4 p.m. to celebrate the occasion as this money will serve as an endowment to ensure the influence of the organization continues in the area. The building name will be changed to The Erica & Anthony Fleming Boys & Girls Club in tribute and memoriam to the two recently departed Livesey family children.

Other prominent south-side community figures will also be commemorated within interior spaces at the club’s location. Mrs. Willie Lou Harris, who helped establish the SouthB Madison Neighborhood Center at the Taft St. location before the current BGCDC as well as support community development, will have The Welcome Center as a tribute to her work.

The kitchen will also be dedicated to Miss Earsie Green who cooked for BGCDC for over 25 years to bring good food, joy, and community to children and families engaged with the Club over her many years of committed work.

Some excitement will be had at the Thursday event as well with the presence of Larenz Tate along with his brothers Lahmard and Larron, according to a press release from BGCDC. Larenze Tate is known for his roles in movies such as “Menace II Society” and “Dead Presidents,” as well as the TV show “Power.” The presence of the three is directly connected to their new Tate Brothers Foundation initiative through which they look to give back to communities. 

The spirit of both Erica and Anthony Fleming will surely live through these new developments as both the commitments by the Livesey Family and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County to the community continue to provide opportunities and space for flourishing. 

The ribbon cutting will proceed at 4 p.m. and speakers at the ceremony will include Micahel Johnson, president and CEO of BGCDC; Dr. Richard Harris, son of Mrs. Willie Lou Harris; and Mrs. Nestic Morris, daughter of Miss Earsie Green.