I used to think of Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr as a comical nuisance, one whose popularity stemmed from saying completely disparaging things about black people. Things that those white people supporting him want to say, but cannot because, ultimately, what Clarke says is very racist. I used to give him names like “Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles cosplayer” and “Wyatt Twerp,” because they accurately described how ridiculous of a person he is and has been.

Clarke has definitely lived up to the name Wyatt Twerp over these last three weeks, during which widespread protest from the disenfranchised inner-city residents of Milwaukee threatened to tear the city apart. Even two weeks after major protests have stopped, he’s still threatening to arrest elected officials for defying his orders. This, even after a restraining order was levied against him for the orange snow fence around Sherman Park. But throughout this ordeal, Clarke has proven himself to be a shill for the system of white supremacy in this country and state.

I have never been more personally insulted than whenever I hear David Clarke open his mouth as of late. In fact, if you pile up everything disparaging he has said about blacks together, he starts to sound more like David Duke than a sheriff representing a city that is 40 percent African American. He seems to be under the impression that blacks are predisposed to criminal activity, when the reality dictates that it is their environment and the deprivation of simple resources and opportunities which greatly contribute to said ‘criminality.’

Whenever you see Sheriff Clarke discuss issues within the black community, it’s alway with a sense of they, and not we. To me, this is a dead giveaway that, like others who trot out black-on-black crime (which should be more accurately portrayed as “proximity crime”), they don’t have a stake in improving these communities. In fact, it reveals that they are not actually interested in the improvement of these communities at all. It’s a tactic that further reveals Clarke and his ilk care more about law and order than they do black lives. This fact is perfectly exemplified with the issue of the snow fence at Sherman Park. The residents of the area want to come together and celebrate the holidays. Sheriff Clarke just wants the illusion of order.

Why should a child who has committed zero crimes be treated as if they’re a criminal solely because of the color of their skin? People fail to understand what this does to people psychologically. There’s a stigma attached to criminality, and to be treated like a criminal simply for existing is one of the biggest issues we have with race and criminal justice in this country. Sheriff Clarke constantly perpetuating this myth of black criminality has been more divisive than anything Obama has done during his years as president. For this sheriff and others who think like him to deem these people still a threat weeks after the real unrest has ended reveals how much contempt Clarke has for the people who share his pigmentation.

The bottom line is that there is no use for someone like Clarke in our city. He so believes in the rule of law, but is unable to see what needs to be reformed within this system. He believes that the rule of law solves problems, but in reality, for many in the inner city, it only serves to exacerbate those problems. He has shown repeatedly that he is not interested in working with other elected officials, as evidenced by ignoring requests for over two weeks from the Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele to remove the orange snow fencing. He consistently has shown that he is not interested in working with the community, as shown by the way he throws around words like “tribal,” “ghetto” and “loser” to describe those within the inner city. He’s not doing his job for the people within the county of Milwaukee. He’s doing it to hold favor with the (predominately white) people in the counties surrounding Milwaukee and the people who are regular FOX News viewers.

Therefore, it’s high time we let Sheriff Clarke ride off into the sunset. Perhaps he’ll fare better if he hitched his wagon to FOX News as one if its “good one” contributors. Truth be told, the sooner he takes off his spurs and gives up his position as Milwaukee’s sheriff, the better off the entirety of Milwaukee will be. At this point in time, Milwaukee can no longer afford to have a white supremacist in charge of law enforcement.

Written by Miles Brown

Miles Brown

Miles Brown is a writer from Milwaukee currently teaching in New York City with an interest in bridging gaps and writing to make people face uncomfortable truths.


  1. It’s difficult for many African-Americans to hear the truth. The truth about their incomes, about the failure of the black man to be a father, the failure of young blacks to graduate from Milwaukee Public Schools, the violence and lack of respect that permeates the culture and bleeds into every aspect of life.

    But only by confronting the difficult truth will change occur. Hating and resenting the truth-tellers, no matter what their color, will never solve the issues.

  2. @supportthepolice how about you do some reasearch first. One the black father is more present in their child’s life than that of any other race, your own government just proved that with a new study done by the CDC, look it up. I’m not even going to correct your other bullshit ass points because they are just racists stereotypes that have no basis to them. The mere fact that I’ve already debunked one of your false statements is reason enough not even bother believing anything you just said is true. What you need to understand is that you aren’t speaking any truth just lies that permeate a notion and ideology that you benefit from, so stop with the bullshit and the white savior complex, you aren’t speaking any truth, just trying to perpetuate stereotypes of black inferiority all the while promoting white supremacy. Just Stop, you sound very ignorant!!!!

    • Really! Is this some kind of ignorant joke? The black man is more prevellent in there children’s lives than ever before? Where did you get that bullshit data? Your just another pathetic succubus liberal who justifies anything the “POOR BLACK MAN” does. Nobody is stopping any of these pathetic thugs from finishing school! Nobody’s stopping them from getting not only jobs but good jobs! The problem is they all look up to the professional sports players and the crack dealers driving Escalades than they do anything else! There is no justification to smash and steal from stores because some gang banging thug got what he deserved. Sherri Clark speaks what you sickening liberals don’t want to hear! PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! !!

  3. Quoting from the CDC study:
    “Pew estimates that 67 percent of black dads who don’t live with their kids see them at least once a month.”
    If you think if seeing your children once a month, for an unspecified duration of time is sufficient evidence of ‘parental involvement,’ well, then I really don’t have a response for that.

    Also, your response fails to cite any studies that provide the percentage of black fathers who live with their family in the same domicile. The omission of that statistic is telling indeed.