A Donald Trump for President campaign sticker is shown attached to a U.S. Customs sign hanging on the border fence between Mexico and the United States near Calexico, California, U.S. February 8, 2017. Picture taken February 8, 2017. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Under a new zero-tolerance policy announced today, the Trump administration will refer all suspected border-crossers at the southwest border for federal prosecution. It’s a policy that will result in the separation of a significant more amount of parents from their children at the border in the hopes of deterring such crossings.

The announcement was first reported by the Los Angeles Times. This policy only applies to people who try to cross the border illegally, and not those who arrive at ports of entry and request asylum.

Under the new policy, people who cross the border illegally will be detained and prosecuted instead of being bused back over the border.

President Donald Trump has threatened to close down the federal government if funding for the border wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and his immigration reforms are not implemented before the current funding runs out in September.

“We may have to close up our country to get this straight,” Trump said Saturday at a speech in Cleveland.

Ahead of this announcement, the Justice Department said it was sending additional prosecutors to the border in anticipation of an increased workload.

Written by Madison365 staff